Love is

Only true love heals

 Love is the answer to all our questions.

The book is about true Love, even though we all have an idea of what Love is, many times we get confuse by the bad use of this word.

The book itself is a healing tool because it shows how true Love can completely heal you and how this doesn’t depend on any other person. 

When we understand what this means, our life fills up with sense and purpose.

“Give the book a chance, give love a chance”

About the author

My name is Andrés, I’m 55 years old, and I was born is Spain. Currently, I live in Sweden where I work as a father, husband, writer, psychologist and yoga teacher. I am experienced in meditation and on looking for what gives meaning to our lives. I have written this book based on internal and external experiences and learnings regarding myself and others. During these years, I have learned that we all need true Love to heal, and that it is the only thing that will heal us.

The book is available on Amazon.

Reviews of people who has read the book:

“For me, it works like therapy. It’s written with simplicity and from the heart, just to help others”

Isabel María

“It’s a good reflection on women’s power… and I have felt identified in some moments regarding my last marriage”


“You must read it in small doses because it invites you to a reflection and revolves your conscience”


“It is a book for people to know themselves better”


“I think it is very good and profound”


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